What is Callisto?

Platform Update Occurring August 2020

Please note that Callisto is updating its platform effective August 3, 2020. As a result, any information that you are entering or have entered into Callisto will not be preserved after August 3, 2020. We highly encourage you to download or back up any report you make through Callisto if you would like to access it on or after August 3, 2020.

A New Resource: Callisto

New in 2017 to the University of Oregon, we contracted with Callisto to provide an additional option for students to disclose and record experiences of sex or gender-based discrimination, harassment or violence, including stalking, bullying, dating and domestic violence. “Callisto is a nonprofit that creates technology to combat sexual assault, empower survivors, and advance justice.” This online resource is a way for students to record securely and privately what happened to them, and to document the experience in a way that can help preserve important information should a student later wish to make an official report.

According to Callisto, this tool offers students three basic choices –

  • Record. Survivors can create secure, encrypted, and time-stamped records about their sexual assault. On average, survivors who report begin the process 11 months after experiencing sexual assault. Callisto allows students to immediately preserve evidence on their own terms, at a time, place, and pace that is best for them. 
  • Report. Survivors can electronically send the record they have created to their school. This equips schools with a detailed account of what happened before the student ever meets with them. 
  • Match. Survivors can help schools identify repeat offenders using Callisto’s matching function. This option allows survivors to store information about their perpetrator under the precondition that it will only be released to the school if another student names the same perpetrator.”
    • Note: Callisto only contains reports as of 2017 and will not match prior reports that have not been entered. If you would like to enter a prior report anonymously, enter it using the Maxient form and contact the confidential staff in Crisis Intervention so we can reach out if there is a match.

To learn more about Callisto, please visit the site specific to our UO campus linked below. You can also explore Callisto News and Callisto's What We Do.

UO Callisto

NOTE: It is important to know that while the Callisto site offers information about UO resources, simply visiting that site is not that same as requesting assistance from the university. Unless you contact UO in some way (such as calling SAFE, talking to the Office of Crisis Intervention or emailing the Title IX Coordinator), the university will not be aware or initiating outreach to you.