What is a Confidential Resource?

A confidential resource means that information shared is protected by federal and state laws and cannot be shared without your explicit permission. You are welcome to contact one of the university’s confidential resources to learn about your reporting options, available support services, and resources.

Privacy and Confidentiality are NOT the same

University employees have different obligations and expectations when students disclose information to them.

Some employees are expected to keep information private, meaning that it will only be shared internally with other University employees who need to know (like the Title IX coordinator or a crisis advocate) and generally would not be shared externally. Designated reporters and student directed employees are typically expected to keep student information private.

Other employees are expected to keep information confidential. Confidential employees typically are guided by state and federal law that requires that they not share information without permission from the student or as otherwise permitted or required by law. Conversations with confidential employees are generally privileged and therefore have additional protections under state and federal law. This means that information disclosed to a confidential employee is not subject to disclosure in many instances. Psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, advocates, the Ombudsperson are some examples of confidential employees. (Note that conversations with the Ombudsperson are not privileged.)

Confidential employees are not required to make a report to the Title IX office and will typically not share information without your permission. However, they may be required or allowed to share information in certain circumstances. For example, if a court order is presented, if they have reason to believe that a student is at high risk for suicide or violence toward others or if a minor is being abused.

Confidential employees do not all have the same legal requirements, exceptions or protections relating to confidentiality and privilege. Find out more about confidential resources on the Confidential Resources FAQ page.

Confidential Resources FAQ