Confidential Resources FAQ

What do confidential employees do with students’ information?

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Will confidential employees contact students’ parents?

No. Confidential employees will generally not contact a students’ parents.

What if a confidential employee has multiple roles on campus (teach/oversee clinic, graduate student counselor/GE teaching class)?

Generally, confidential employees are always confidential for purposes of UO’s reporting policies, regardless of what role they are filling on campus. This means that confidential employees will generally not share information that they learn with UO’s Title IX coordinator. However, if a confidential employee is also a supervisor, he or she is required to report workplace harassment in certain instances. It is also important to understand that conversations with confidential employees that occur outside of their professional role are not privileged.

Why aren’t Student-Directed employees also confidential?

It is very important to understand that a Confidential Employee (as described above) is a very specific term that implies a greater ability to protect information that is disclosed. A confidential resource means that information shared is generally protected by federal and state laws and typically cannot be shared without the explicit permission of the person who shared that information, or unless someone is ordered to share that information by a court or other legal authority. Student-Directed employees may offer greater privacy because they are generally not required to report certain information to the university. However, any information that the employee receives may still be accessed by university or court proceedings. This means, for example, that the employee could still be called as a witness or required to turn over any related documents or notes the employee keeps.

Who are confidential employees?

To talk with someone and receive support and assistance in a confidential setting contact any of the confidential resources listed on the Student Resources and Employee Resources pages.