Employee Responsibilities

University employees are protected by federal and state laws and university policies, and have obligations as responsible employees under university policy to report information they have regarding instances of discrimination and harassment, including instances of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating, and domestic violence and stalking. It is also important that all members of the university community understand that they can make complaints of prohibited discrimination or harassment to the Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance, and that the university will take steps to protect them from retaliation.

All members of the UO community are encouraged to report all other forms of discrimination and harassment to the investigations office.

Your Obligation as an Employee

The University of Oregon is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff. Employees contribute to this commitment by speaking up when they experience or learn of another's experience diminishes a respectful workplace. Under UO policies, employees have specific responsibilities to report.

All EmployeesSome Employees

All employees, with some exception, are expected to meet reporting responsibilities for the following:

Employees with the following designations have additional reporting responsibilities:

Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment

With some exception regarding student disclosures, most employees are considered "responsible employees" under university policy, and they are expected to promptly report any information received regarding an act of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance.

A "responsible employee" is any University of Oregon administrative staff or faculty member, residential advisor, or graduate employee with the following exceptions:

  • Health care professionals working at the University Health Center and University Counseling Center
  • Employees in the Office of Crisis Intervention and Sexual Violence Support Services
  • University Ombudsperson
  • Student employees who do not supervise more than 2 other employees (except for Residential Advisors or Graduate Employees who are Responsible Employees)

Please Note: Conversations of employees that are otherwise privileged or confidential under state or federal law are also confidential, such as those of attorneys and licensed mental health professionals, union stewards and union representatives when in those roles.

Mandatory Reporting: Reporting Incidents of Child Abuse

The term “mandatory reporting” refers to incidents of child abuse. All UO employees, including student employees and graduate employees, have a duty to make a report to the Oregon Department of Human Services or a law enforcement agency when there is reasonable cause to believe any child (any person under the age of 18) with whom the employee comes in contact has suffered abuse or that any person with whom the employee comes in contact has abused a child. The duty of employees of public universities to report incidents of child abuse applies at all times, not just to those incidents occurring during working hours or on campus.

Students who are not employees are not mandatory reporters of child abuse unless their work outside of the university involves one of the professions mandated in the law as a mandatory reporter, such as childcare worker or psychologist/professional counselor or therapist.

For more information, refer to the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse page on the HR website.

Student Disclosures of Harassment and Discrimination

The university takes all claims of harassment or discrimination seriously, particular when raised by a student. Employees have specific responsibilities based on the nature of the harassment or discrimination when disclosed by a student.

Employees are expected to meet the reporting responsibilities established in the Student Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Violence Complaint and Response Policy.


Supervisors are expected to foster a collaborative working environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. Supervisors who directly witness any type of discrimination and harassment in the workplace are required to report.

Supervisors of student employees have specific responsibilities to consider, which are addressed on the Supervisors of Students Employees page.

Campus Security Authority: Clery Reporting Obligations

For information relating to Campus Security Authority reporting obligations under the Campus Clery Act, please visit the University of Oregon Police Department website or contact the Clery Coordinator with the University of Oregon Police Department at 541-346-0670.