How to Report

If you or someone you know (student, faculty, or staff) has experienced gender discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, the university can offer assistance, support, and resources:

Submit an anonymous report online (non-confidential) via Maxient. If you wish to report anonymously, DO NOT enter your name or other identifying information.

The procedures that are used to resolve complaints of harassment and discrimination vary depending on the status of the complainant, the status of the respondent, and the complaint procedure initiated. In general, complaint procedures involve two steps: (1) an investigation and (2) a sanction or discipline procedure

  • Complaints against students follow the student conduct code, including any applicable investigation and sanctioning procedures.
  • Complaints or investigations against employees follow the applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or UO policy. If discipline is recommended as a result of that investigation, the employee-respondent will have certain rights, as prescribed by the applicable collective bargaining unit or university policy.

About Investigation Processes

Regardless of the complainant or respondent’s status or the type of complaint or grievance filed, parties have certain rights during the complaint process.