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List of Designated Reporters

The following employees are Designated Reporters under the university’s Prohibited Discrimination and Retaliation Policy:

  • All members of the Board of Trustees (including student, faculty, and staff members) and the Board Secretary
  • President and vice presidents (including assistant and associate levels)
  • Provost and vice provosts (including assistant and associate levels)
  • Deans, including assistant, associate, and divisional deans
  • Department Heads
  • Dean of Students, including Dean of Students positions within schools or colleges
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • All attorneys in the Office of General Counsel
  • Athletic Directors, including assistant, associate, deputy, or other senior-level athletic directors
  • All NCAA intercollegiate coaches and directors of operations
    • EXCEPTION: A coach below the level of head coach is only a Designated Reporter when they receive reports from someone other than a student-athlete on their own team.  
  • Student Conduct Case Managers
  • Title IX Coordinator, OICRC investigators, OICRC appeals officers, and Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • Directors, including assistant and associate directors, or similar of:
    • Campus Planning and Facilities Management
    • Housing
    • Residential Life & Educational Initiatives
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life
    • Student Conduct
    • Study Abroad
    • Employee & Labor Relations
  • Resident Assistants and Orientation Leaders
  • Residence Life Professional Staff and
  • University of Oregon Police Officers and Campus Security Officers

In addition, all university supervisors, as well as all Human Resources professionals within departments and colleges, are Designated Reporters and must report instances of prohibited discrimination by any employee. Employees who only supervise student employees and/or graduate employees are considered assisting employees and not supervisors for purposes of reporting prohibited discrimination.