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Zoom Logistics

The administrative conference will be held using the Zoom video conferencing platform.  The conference facilitator or decision-maker will send a link to be used for logging onto the Zoom session. At the date and time specified, the parties should join the conference using the Zoom link.  It is helpful to check well in advance of the conference to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of Zoom.  Instructions for checking and updating your version of Zoom can be found on the Zoom support website.

In order to provide an opportunity to work out any technical issues, we ask that complainant and complainant’s advisor join the Zoom session approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of the conference, and ask that respondent and respondent’s advisor join the Zoom session approximately ten minutes before the scheduled start time of the conference.  The staggered start times will provide time for each Party to ensure that Zoom is working correctly before the conference begins.

After logging into Zoom, a notification will appear indicating that you are waiting for the host to admit you into the conference.  Please continue waiting until the conference facilitator admits you into the conference.

All participants will be on mute when first entering the conference and we request that the parties and their advisors keep their outgoing audio turned off during the conference except at times when called upon to speak.  Zoom will initially be set to allow conference participants to mute and unmute themselves, but that setting can be changed if it is abused. 

The other participants in the conference must be able to see and hear a participant when that participant is speaking.  

The conference facilitator will set up break-out rooms in Zoom for each party and their advisor to use to privately confer. While the conference is in session, we will be recording using the Zoom software, but the break-out rooms are not recorded.  A notification on the Zoom screen shows when Zoom is and is not recording.   

Zoom contains a chat feature.  We ask that parties and their advisors refrain from using the chat feature during the conference unless responding to a communication from the decision-maker or conference facilitator.

Zoom has a document-sharing capability.  Let the conference facilitator know if you wish to make a particular portion of the Investigation Report visible on the Zoom screen and the conference facilitator will share the document.

Please review this page carefully before the pre-conference meeting, and bring any questions you have to the meeting.